What is Yushoi?

Inspired by Japan, Yushoi uses the natural goodness of vegetables and blends them with exciting, innovative flavours to deliver you a range of great tasting baked snacks that are better for you.

Yushoi snacks are 50% less fat*, high in fibre, a good source of protein and they’re full of flavour, making them perfect as part of your balanced diet.

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The Perfect Balance

Life is all about balance. At Yushoi we work hard to achieve the perfect balance of food that’s better for you than unhealthy snacks but that also feel like a treat.

Life isn’t about deprivation, it’s about balance; balancing taste and health; work and play; family and friends; and restless innovation of flavour with the time spent savouring those flavours.

It’s about enjoying good food without feeling any guilt and making a balanced diet as fun and imaginative as it can be. Yushoi is inspired by Japan, the land of balance and that’s the ethos that we live by. The perfect balance.

Get Balanced

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When you’re asked to decorate and create a crispmas tree by accident 🎄

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You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life 😏

We’re ready to get cosy and watch Jingle Bells on repeat.

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Ever wish your bowl would refill itself?

An ancient Japanese belief promises if you fold 1,000 cranes, your wish will come true.

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Who else has a craving for Fire Roasted Chipotle Inclusions now? 🤤

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When you look back at all those delicious snacks you’ve enjoyed…

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Caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar Inclusions have our taste buds going 👅

How do you Yushoi?

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*All of the house lights on and hiding behind a blanket*

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