When we were planning the launch of Yushoi® Snapea rice sticks we were aware of the need to include some reference to the Japanese influence of the snacks. We didn’t want anything too extreme but also felt that some subtle association was necessary.

That’s when we started to look into exercise. As a snack that is better for you, we wanted to make sure that people realised that Yushoi® is not your average fried, potato based crisp – in fact, quite the opposite.

As a product that is made from green peas and baked, we felt that using exercise could couple the better for you message and also inject the hint of Japanese we were looking for. That’s when we came across Tabata in the Park, a great group who exercise every week at Clapham Common.

We had already chosen the bandstand to hold the launch, so things started to tie together. We called the team and they were more than accommodating, explaining what we had to do and what was involved in a Tabata class.

We have to admit that at this point we were starting to wonder if an intense exercise regime from 6.30am was a little too exertive but as our main ambassador, Louis Smith MBE, is a huge fan we set the wheels in motion.

In just a couple of phone calls everything was in place. We were in the capable hands of professional and certified instructors.
During the event we couldn’t have asked for more from Tabata in the Park who put all of guests through their paces – and every one of them loved it! We want to take the time to publically thank them for their support.

As a result of this initial collaboration, Tabata in the Park have become our first corporate partner and we will be working with them again in the future to offer them samples of our snacks and exclusive updates on our plans for the future.

We believe in showing respect, love and admiration to those we work with and this is no exception.  

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