What is the first thing that you do after an intense six month period of planning followed by a week in which you open a £6.5m factory in Deeside and launch your first brand to market? Well, you exhibit at one of the largest food events in the country of course.

Never to be deterred, we knew that we had a challenge on our hands when we booked to attend the BBC Good Food Show but we simply couldn’t miss such an amazing opportunity. The turnaround would be tight and we all had to pull together to make this – our first ever trade exhibition – a success.

Taking guidance from our Calbee values, that’s exactly what we did. We worked as the strong and capable team that we are and in just two weeks, which included a bank holiday, we had everything in place.  

Thursday soon came around and our colleagues worked together to dress the stand showing amazing imagery from the launch that had taken place just two weeks earlier. Showcasing branded Yushoi® t-shirts and with 25,000 products stored waiting to be sampled, we were ready to go.

Now, all we needed was the visitors.

We didn’t have long to wait as a queue immediately formed at the front gate, which we could see from the stand. We were here, we were waiting, we were primed and then… a dash to the stand. There were hundreds of them, all wanting to know about the product, what it was and where they could get hold of it.

Four days went by in a complete blur, it was fabulous! We could never have expected the response that we got and even though we were shattered at the end of each very long day, we were proud – of our colleagues for pulling everything together and of our product, which proved once again to be a huge hit.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along to the stand and we can only apologise that we simply didn’t have the time to speak to each and every one of you individually. We hope that you had the chance to sample products and as ever we welcome your feedback.

We will be exhibiting at further events throughout the country and will keep you updated with the dates and venues. For up to date news please do continue to visit the blog and also follow, like and share the updates from our social channels @YushoiSnacks www.facebook.co.uk/YushoiSnacks.