When we first launched Calbee UK we had a blank sheet of paper. We could create a savoury snack that was any shape, size and flavour. Rather than be the same as other manufacturers we decided to be different and that’s when Yushoi® Snapea rice sticks was born.

We quickly realised that people enjoy snacks but want healthier choices and so creating a product made from green peas gave us the opportunity to do just that. It was important to us that we made snacking choices simpler and offered a product that is better for you and still tastes great.

The delicious flavour that you get from our snacks is thanks to our subtle seasonings and taking an influence from Japan they offer a more exciting option to the traditional variants that we all see on shelf every day.

Working with dieticians and food experts we developed a product that will keep you fuller for longer and meets with the governments targets to reduce ‘nasties’ and improve the snacking choices that are available for lunchtimes and on the go.

Yushoi® SnapeaTM  rice sticks are a great snack swap, so next time you are wondering what to have along with your sandwich, wrap or salad why not grab a pack? They are light and crispy and won’t leave you with greasy fingers like other snacks.  

We hope that you are enjoying our snacks and would be really interested to get your feedback about the range and what you think. As ever please do share your thoughts and comments with us and for more information and daily updates please follow @Yushoi or like www.facebook.com/Yushoi.