Introducing: Besma Whayeb of Curiously Conscious, Yushoi Ambassador

Hi! I’m Besma.

I’m a conscious lifestyle blogger, and I’m so excited to be introducing myself on the Yushoi blog! I’ve been advocating a balanced lifestyle for a long time, so I’m really happy to have paired up with a brand that also embodies this.

About me

I’m 24 and moved to London two years ago after graduating from Business & French at university. I love living in a bustling city – there’s just so much to do! In fact, my first exposure to a capital city was when I lived in Paris as part of my degree. While there, I felt so inspired by French cooking and the organic market outside my apartment, I started my blog!

My blog

I write over at my blog, Curiously Conscious. I like to focus on living in an ethical way, balancing healthy food, natural beauty and ethical fashion with happiness! In fact, the name of my blog comes from me trying new and different ways of living well – from Russian spas to tree branch toothbrushes, I’ve tried it!

What you need to know about me…

Flexibility is my friend! Being eco-friendly, healthy, ethical… it’s a lot of hard work at times, and I know a lot of people are afraid to find more conscious options (especially if they are hard to find). I always hope my blog can shine light on some brilliant new options, but I don’t expect everyone to do everything I do!

Finding my perfect balance

It’s taken me a few years to find a good balance in my approach to life, and especially my diet. I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, and now pescatarian, but no matter my food choices, it’s the happiness that they bring that’s important.

Removing negativity around food is one of the easiest and best things I’ve done on my way to living a more balanced lifestyle, and I’d recommend it to anyone aiming to live a little more healthily – forget words like “naughty” and “cheat” foods, and think more positively around “treats” and “rewards“.

In addition to this, it’s important to find balance between food and the rest of life! Diet isn’t everything. I really enjoy travelling and have recently been back to Paris for a long weekend, and then on holiday to Crete. Discovering new places and new cultures – that’s what life is for!

Working with Yushoi…

Is a massive honour in all honesty! I feel very lucky to be included with such an inspirational group of Ambassadors, and it’s nice to know that we’re all finding balance together.

Recently I’ve been enjoying sharing bags of Yushoi with my friends, both at picnics and weekend barbecues! The summer sunshine has me feeling very happy and healthy, and it’s great to be bringing something different to the table along with my usual organic and local food choices.