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About Yushoi

We are Yushoi. Welcome to ‘better for you’ snacking.

When we first started our journey all we had was a green pea and a vision. Inspired by the calm and mindful culture found in Japan, we developed a range of snacks that harness the goodness of vegetables and blend them with exciting innovative flavours.

Yushoi’s unique baked pea snacks have multiple benefits as they are baked, a source of protein, high in fibre and 90 calories or less per serving, making them the perfect answer to snacking on the go.

Culture and ethics

Here at Yushoi, we’re passionate about helping people make informed choices about what they choose to eat. We wanted to give people the opportunity to snack responsibly while having the chance to enjoy healthier products, have access to clear nutritional information and advice from leading experts. At Yushoi, health and taste go hand in hand, giving you more options that sit outside the fried crisps and high fat snacks category.

Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about how you live your life. At Yushoi, we recognise we have a responsibility to give you options and information on the snacks you choose while contributing to the overall health of the nation. We continue to work hard to come up with new and exciting snacks that use advice and guidance from dietitians and nutritional experts.

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